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Joseph E. Giammarino, PE  Founder & Owner from
1950-1970. He was born March 17, 1915, in
Brooklyn, NY to Pasquale & Filomena
Giammarino. He was a graduate of Brooklyn
Polytech and a Professional Engineer. He sold all
his interests in Aurora around 1970 and retired. He
died the 22 May 1992 at age 77. The Company's
success  was due mostly to Joe's insistence on
nothing but perfection.
Gennaro Giammarino, Sr. Founder & Silent Partner, he started out with his
Cousin Joseph and owned a smaller percentage of the company. Joe's father
Pasquale and Gennaro came here together from Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi,
Italy. In the beginning he used to go to all the foundries, machine shops and
mold makers for the company. He then worked as the Night Manager &
Watchman, due to stealing of merchandise, from local Kids in the
neighborhood. He was born in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi , Italy on 05 January
1899. He retired in 1968, because of an injury to his left eye and sold his
interests in the company around 1970 and retired. He died  11 September 1980
at the age of 81
John Cuomo  A 10% Owner, John was born in Italy in 1901
and was known as the Best Salesman around. He joined the
company in 1952. John loved the business, but tensions
between John and Abe caused John to retire in 1967. He died
in 1971 at the age of 69. John was a very nice, quiet and
sweet person and brought that to the Original Company.
Abe Shikes Founder & Owner was born in
1908, in Russia. He fled Russia in 1918, just
after the Russian Revolution. He was known
for his ability to get a company going and make
it work. He retired in 1970 and tried to open
another model company Addar, but it failed
after a few years. Abe died in 1986.

In this Photo, from left to right, we have the 4 Original Owners, Gennaro Giammarino, Sr., John Cuomo, Joseph E.
Giammarino, PE & Abe Shikes. Nothing left the factory without Joe's Inspection, because of his insistence on perfection.
John was the Salesman behind the company and he could sell anything to anyone. Gennaro was the Laborer, who went on
the road in the beginning to the Die Makers and to pick up Molds, with his Brockaway truck, until he started in 1957
working from 5 PM to 7 AM. Abe was made President of the Corporation, when they moved from 62nd Street, in Brooklyn
to West Hempstead, L . I., New York.
Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Mary M. Basile, Daughter o Gennaro Giammarino, Sr.
(C) 1955-2012 Mary M. Basile  All Rights Reserved.
Gennaro Giammarino, III
Michael J. Giammarino, II
Vice President/CFO
Al Matrone
Vice President of Production
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